My Spanish Speaking Girlfriend

Unfortunately I have never met her in person. Sadly I must admit I’ve only seen a picture of her online. I saw her on Instagram at the bar right near my apartment, maybe my second weekend down here. I was drunk that night was the only reason I grew the balls to work up a message asking her is she wanted to grab a drink with me some time.

Turns out I was too late that night. She was already on a plane to go back home to Cancun by the time she got around to answering me. She was gone just as quickly as she took a piece of my heart. I couldn’t help blowing up her phone, messaging her how she was incredibly beautiful. She has to be one of the sexiest girls I have ever seen. She was slightly older than me and she had this mature confident glow to her that sucked me in. At least from the few pictures I saw of her, they were enough of her to obtain all of my attention.

We kept in touch for awhile, as best we could. She was answering everything I asked in Spanish causing me to spend more time on Google translate now, more than I ever did back when I was in school. Most of the conversations were simple with us just complimenting each other… I at least knew that much. But when conversation would get deeper I’d sometimes find myself to lazy to translate such long text late at night and forget to answer.. I did my best to keep up with her as much as I could, at the very least I’d let her know she was, “muy hermosa” every chance I could.

We talked sporadically for the next few months. She was planning another trip back to Charlotte around Christmas time and was hoping to see me just as much as I was dying to see her. We have gotten to know each other enough so that when she actually came to visit the city, we wouldn’t be hanging out as distant strangers set up on a blind date by a friend of a friend’s friend. I couldn’t wait to see her. She was suppose to land early that morning and I had every intention of spending every second she was in town with her. Then life happened. The night before she was suppose to fly into Charlotte her sister called and told her that her aunt was rushed to the hospital and wasn’t going to make it.

I watched the planes leave that morning as I headed into work, wondering if she was up there looking down out the window for me. With no potential for us to actually hangout in sight, I decided to say fuck it and be honest with her. With the help of a few drinks I was upfront with how I felt about her. I told her I have been dying inside since I’m unable to kiss her. It gives me this aching pain in my side and the only thing that will make me feel better is her lips. She sends me selfie after selfie with her beautiful brown eyes, her kissable lips, rocking her dentist scrubs, or whatever outfit she put together to go out in drive me crazy inside. I had to tell her that I’ve been craving her touch for a long time now, and it sucks we aren’t able to hangout as easily as it should be. She’s miserably more than a thousand miles away, living in another country. It tends to make things a little more difficult for us to see each other.

She’s gave me an open invitation to come hangout with her in Cancun anytime. I extended the same to her in Charlotte hoping she’d come this way again. If she keeps teasing me and sending me such gorgeous selfies I may ask for some vacation time at work and plan a trip. I’ve seen enough pictures of her at the beach looking absolutely incredible in her black one piece bathing suit, maybe it’s time I see it for real.

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