I’m Still The Best Bowler There Is

I can’t wait for the lanes to open back up again. By lanes of course I’m referring to the bowling alleys. They have been just about the last thing to open back up since this whole pandemic thing started. I’ve had to resort to my Wii Sports to try and keep up my superior bowling level.

Just as I would if the lanes were open now, I spend hours mastering my form, perfecting my roll down the lane. Unfortunately I can’t physical feel the ball in my finger tips like I would prefer, but for now the Wii controller will have to suffice. I can’t really translate my skill from the Wii remote to the lanes, but thanks to Wii Sports I’ve been able to sustain the poster child form for proper bowling technique.

Not only have I mastered my form enhanced drastically, but I’ve also been able to slap on a few pounds of muscle and actually beef up a little during this quarantine. For every point I lost in my Wii bowling level, knocking me down from my pro rating, I do that many push up and sit ups. Fortunately my bowling skills are exceptional and it never exceeded more then ten at a time but its helped significantly. I get enough hour of bowling in a day I wind up dong about one hundred fifty push ups and sit ups.

I can’t wait for the lanes to open back up again, I’m ready. I’ve spent the last six months craving the sound of the all smacking those those pins and I’m ready to roll my balls all over the lanes. If I don’t bowl a perfect game the first time back out there on the lanes, I might as well call it quits. I’ve spent far more then ten thousand hours practicing and if it doesn’t translate it’s over. To me, it’s perfection or bust.

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