That Was Terrible

I just watched my first presidential debate. It’s taken me twenty five years to finally watch one (I mean haven’t really cared for any of them before) and I have to admit that was terrible. The best part that’s come out of the whole thing is the Billy Madison meme referencing the end of the movie when they’re playing Jeopardy. I feel so much dumber after weathering that.

I figure this was a pivotal point in not just my life but in the history of the world so felt obligated to actually watch the debate this year. What a mistake I that was. For an hour and a half I watched two guys, who are four generations removed from understanding anything about the world we currently have in front of us, interrupted each other refusing to hear the other out. Regardless of how bad their points may have been, they stood there like like kids in elementary school arguing each other, fighting to get the last word.

It shames me that these are the two people we have to choose to elect to represent us as our president. I watched the entire thing completely unbaisis and have become concerned for the sake of us as Americans. The people we elect as president are the face of America. They’re the ones who people meet and make their judgements on us, as a country, based off of our president. If these are the two people we have to represent us I’m worried.

Neither one of them seem like they can hold any sort of respect for authority or each other throughout the whole thing. They’ve purely pointed the finger at the other, surfacing their flaws and wrong doing, hoping it’d benefit them in the polls. Throughout the entire night I don’t think any of them answered a question. I think they just spent the night interrupting each other. I honestly feel bad for the moderator the most. I don’t know how he refrained from jumping over his broadcast table and punching both the president and vice prescient square in the face. I’d be surprised to him at the second one moderating. I hope the VP debate can at a least answer a question that’s asked and give us some insight for what we may endure over the next four years.

Ps aren’t these guys up way laat their bedtime.

One thought on “That Was Terrible

  1. Remember Troy, one of those men, the loudest, rudest one, is our sitting president. Despite engaging Trump now and again, I thought Biden actually made a couple of points. Flawed as he is, Biden might be able to bring a measure of unity to this country. Trump can’t, that is sure.


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