The Exclusive Birthday Club

Your own Birthday is everyones personal favorite day of the year. I happened to be part of The Exclusive Birthday Club. You’re only allowed to join if your birthday is the same day as the number of your month. My birthdays 9/9, one of the most prestiges dates of them all according to the club. I mean look at the list; there’s me, Adam Sandler, Michael Buble, Jr Smith, even Colonel Sanders. We’re the best of the cream of the crop around here. We even own a chain of restaurants. I’m not sure you heard of them, they’re called the ninety-nines.

It’s always nice to hear from your family and some old fiends you haven’t talked to in awhile on your birthday. I’ve grown so far away from some of my friends it’s kind of funny. We only share two texts a year; when I say happy birthday to him at the beginning and when he returns the favor to me at the end of the year. You can scroll back through our conversation for almost four years of just happy birthday text to each other.

Then theres always those texts from numbers you may have lost, or got deleted by some girl, or even a relative you may not saved their number. It happens at least once to all of us on our birthdays ever year like clockwork. One of us receives a happy birthday text from some mysterious number and sends it to the Fr@t House ( our sibling group chat) asking for help. We all race to see if they exist in one of our phones. The sudden rush, the anticipation thinking about all the possibilities it could be is exhilarating. I mean it could start a fight, it could get awkward, there’s no telling it who it could be. Unfortunately it usually nothing as exciting as I imagine and is just aunt or uncles number we forgot to save. Although it’s anticlimactic… every time, there’s nothing like that excitement in the moment. Waiting to see who it may be and what could happened, is one hell of a rush.

The best part about birthdays is hearing from the people you love most. In all honesty it’s just another day. Like when we’re waiting to see who’s number it is in the group chat, it’s all about the rush. Once it happens and we discover who it is everything goes on just as it was like nothing happened. It’s just a shame it was on a Wednesday in the middle of the global pandemic, otherwise I would have actually went out dancing or something.

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