Running Low On Socks

Our apartment down here is awesome. It has everything we need and enough space that I can sneak away upstairs from my brother if need be. We both have our own bathrooms and could easily forget about each other in our rooms when we annoy one another. It’s perfect we have out kitchen we can hangout in and our own rooms to be alone in. There’s only two complaints I have about our place; us not having a deck or balcony, and lastly our floors.

It’s obvious why i would complain about the porch considering some of my habits. It’d be nice to do them outside as opposed to being limited to my bathroom. As for the floor, it’s actually looks pretty cool. Our building was actual an old textile mill. They just tossed up some walls, slapped in some appliances, and quickly turned it into about a hundred apartments.

The floor has seem some years for sure and its character is what I admire most about it. You can see where they had to cut or patch random spots of wood in the floor to fill some of the holes. It’s all scrapped up from whatever machines they used form back in the day that gives it this strong rich character. As I talk about it, I’m starting to realized it’s actually one of my favorite things about this place. It’s honestly what defines the entire apartment.

I can’t neglect it’s downside though. As perfect as it seems, it starting to cost my brother and I. And not just in the form of cash but our socks and feet too. The nails have become loose over the years and tend to rise above the floor. In all honesty they should come in and rehammer them every year. The nails have ripped about a sock a week on both my brother and I. I don’t own many socks as it is, I have just enough to last me a full work week before I run out. Most of them are odd pairs, that already have tears on the heels and balls of my feet. All those protruding nails seemed like they have some sort of vendetta against our socks.

When it’s silent and we’re walking around, you’ll hear yourself the rip of the sock under our feet. The alternative is barefoot, which I prefer but leaves us at risk of cutting our feet on the nails or worse stumbling a toe. Right now I guess they get grossly dirty, I’ve been terribly lazy lately and our floors have gotten disgusting. I wouldn’t want my feet getting under the covers after walking on our floor. Its atrocious, at least right now. I may sweep it tomorrow. Depends if I rip a sock tonight or not.

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