I Should Have Been A Weatherman

Is there any job easier in this world than being a weatherman. I mean not for nothing, who even watches the news long enough to see the weatherman anyway. Hell as long as I can remember my dad would just flick on the weather channel. All it ever showed was the radar of each region of the US. He made his decisions on his own, he never waited for the five o’clock news to see if it was going to rain or not to plan his day,h he planned his day. Nowadays we have a full seven day forecast, and a radar if we so please, to check the weather wherever and whenever we want.

It made me wonder, do you have school to become a meteorologist? If I could do it all over again, I definitely would have went to a college by the beach and majored in that. I could have party for four years, blown off class, and could have learnt all I needed to know but simply looking at a radar everyday myself. It can’t be that hard. I’d be ecstatic if it was a degree that required eight years of school. I’d be like the modern Van Wilder, I may never leave if that was the case. I have only looked at a radar when I see clouds accumulating in the sky. I feel like that alone can make me proficient in reading radar and predicting the weather. With that experience alone I feel like that enough to be a weatherman.

The best part about the whole job is you don’t even have to be right with your predictions, all you have to do is be a pretty face. Feel free to tell everyone to fire up their grills and enjoy a barbecue this weekend by the a pool. And if it rains it rains, it’s the weather I can’t control it. Have they ever been right? Like consistently or do they just get lucky with their predications? I feel like if there’s any cloud in they sky they slap a forty percent chance of rain just to cover their ass in case it does actually rain.

I may switch professions now and become a weatherman. I could easily show up to work five minutes before they needed me on tv and leave right as soon as I finish the “broadcast” reducing my workdays from ten hours a day to twenty minutes a day. There’s probably no job easier in the world than being a weatherman. I can’t believe it’s taken me twenty five years to realize I’m in the wrong profession. Screw being an electrician, I’m going to become a weatherman.

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