Shoulda Went Home

We’ve been stuck working thirty two hours since all this craziness has started. It’s been kind of awesome if you ask me. I’ve had a summer with Friday’s off, I couldn’t ask for much more. Unfortunately this week I had to be in for a meeting on Friday so I had Wednesday off as opposed of the usual Friday. Since I was off Wednesday, it made my Tuesday my Friday.

As soon as I got home from work on Tuesday I grabbed a beer and headed for the shower. I spent the next three hours of the night wasting my time playing madden and smoking periodically every hour or so. It wasn’t until after dinner I decided to actually make some plans for the night and proceeded to go through my text and sparked conversations with some of my friends.

It wasn’t one of those, “You up?” texts. It was way to early to be doing that. I don’t think I’ve ever sent anything that desperately before either. Luckily a few girls had answered me and were around that night but there was one girl who wanted to hangout with me as much as I wanted to hangout with her. It just so happens we’re both free tonight. So I committed to herald tried to make plans. I wanted her to come over, considering I’ve been drinking and being lazy, I didn’t want to change or leave from my apartment but she was adamant about having me over at her place.

I followed her instructions and called an Uber to pick me up to go to her place. I didn’t bother changing so I apologized to her in advanced and said I was dressing comfortable in my gym shorts and crocs. She encouraged it, she didn’t care, she was eager to see me and I couldn’t wait to see her. When I got there she met me outside, walked me to the living room, and cracked us a few beers as we sat on the couch talking to each other. No music, no tv, just the two of us listening to each other. Until she looked deep into my eyes, in a hypnotizing and seductive way causing me to lean in for a kiss her, ending all of our conversation.

The night was better than I expected it to be. She taught me a few new things I’ve never done before and things I’ve nerve even thought of. Afterward, I was shivering under the fan covered in my sweat and she welcomed me into her sheets so we could lay in the bed together and pick up conversation right where we left off. I got to know more about her and see that her beauty was far deeper than the surface could portray. She is beautiful and even more attractive on the inside. I left there essentially drooling over her craving another night with her.

Just as I was leaving her house another one of my friends sent me a messaged that simply read, “Come over.” I had just walked out of my friends house, I was hesitant to answer, why would I? I just had an amazing night, I could go home and pass out in my bed with the biggest smile on my face if I simply go home. But I heard this little voice inside of me screaming, “Fuck it, it’s your Friday, why not?” and I did just that. I sent a text back, “What’s your address?”

I first took an Uber home so I could finally take the shit I’ve been holding in and clean myself up before I called another Uber to go to her house. It was just after midnight so it takes the Ubers a little longer to respond to calls, which was fine by me. I was able to chug a couple more beers and pack a few bowls before he finally showed up at my place.

When I arrived at her house she was there waiting for me, sitting on her front porch, with a six pack for us to crush. We sat and we talked just like I had earlier that night, expect this time conversation seemed to dwindle off the same time we both were taking the last few sips of our beers. She then asked if I wanted to go inside and I couldn’t be rude and followed her in. She pulled me from my hand like a dog on a leash to a some room on the first floor. I initially thought it was an office until she opened the door all the way up and I saw there was a naked bed, no sheets, no pillows, and non comforter on the other side of the room waiting for us.

She made the first move, which wound up being the only move, and didn’t stop. She orchestrated every move that night. She knew exactly what she wanted and wasn’t settling for anything else but that. I wasn’t able to try any different position, or take charge, it was only what she wanted, strictly me on top. She held my hips tight enough so I wouldn’t move, exactly where she wanted them to be, so she could move her hips under me. As soon as she was satisfied, she immediately rose from the bed, grabbed my hand again, and pulled me like a dog, upstairs to bedroom.

This time it was a real bedroom, one with fresh clean sheets, pillows with pillow cases, and even a comforter thats way too big for her bed. The only curveball was the crib with a baby sleeping in the room. I knew about him, I knew she has a kid, but I had no idea I would be sharing a room with him. She tried to comfort me, “Don’t worry about him, he usually sleeps late till like eightish you don’t have to worry. The only stipulation is you can’t leave until after nine or ten. You have to wait for my parents to leave.” What a bomb to drop.

I was stuck there. It was way too late to call for a ride, there won’t be any Ubers available now. Thankfully it was almost four in the morning. I can never sleep late but I figured I could at least muster up at least five hours of sleep to get me to nine maybe ten in the morning. I hoped, tragically I was awaken at the ass crack of dawn, something like six thirty, by the baby that supposedly slept so well.

I did my best to roll over and go back to sleep but he was so fascinated to see me in his room, he wouldn’t leave me alone. He kept waking me up throwing his pacifier at me every time I started to doze off. I was stuck in someone else’s bedroom, too far to walk, dealing with a baby running around like he just drank a case of RedBulls at six in the morning, with no way of escaping. The worst part about all of this was that I couldn’t even get up to use the bathroom. I had to clench my stomach, using every muscle I had, to hold back my morning piss for three hours.

That right there may be single hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m just glad I made it out of there alive and I didn’t end up trapped in there for good or anything like that. When I got home I passed out in bed until five in the afternoon the next day. I completely wasted my day off sleeping. Was it worth it? No.

Next time, I’m going to make sure I quit when I’m ahead. I had no reason to go back out, I tarnished a night that should have been one worth remembering. My Karma found me early that next morning that’s for sure. I deserved it, I got greedy. I went from the best sex of my life to the worst sex of my life in the matter for three hours, for what? Because it was my day off? It’s not a proud moment of mine.

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