Moo & Brew

The first night my brother and I arrived in Charlotte was brutal. We had been up for fifteen hours driving down here, well he drove for about thirteen of them. Once we got the keys to our place we spent the rest of the afternoon taking trip after trip up and down the stairs moving in our essentials like our bed and bathroom things so we could get by for the night. Then once we felt it was habitable enough for the night we decided call it a quitting time and went to get dinner.

It was our first night here, we had came down here with only a Uhaul, and there was no way we were driving that beast around town looking for parking. So we took to our feet and walked down the street until we said eyes on Moo and Brew. It was the first restaurant we saw. We both were so worn out from our day we just wanted to eat and get back home to sleep. Apparently Moo and Brew was known for their deliciously juicy burgers, but what appealed most to us was the outdoor seating with some football game playing on tv with a Bud Light sign shinning bright in the window. I had everything we needed.

The next night, after we moved in the rest of our things and after I had my job interview, we went back to Moo and brew for dinner because their burger were so mouthwatering we couldn’t get enough. I never had a burger like theirs back home. Truthfully I’ve just recently started eating hamburgers and I don’t know what took me so long to get on this bus. For the longest time I would only eat them in the comfort of my own home. I had no choice now.

Coincidently enough we had the same waitress that we had last night. Just like she did last night she carded us again as if she didn’t recognize us. We most defiantly remembered her, how could we forget. She was insanely beautiful and she had this southern charm about her that sucked my brother and I right in. We spent the entire night again flirting with her every time she came by and she would reciprocated and be very flirtatious with her eyes back ay us. It was kind of insulting that she forgot who we were from the night before. At least the burger she brought us was to die for… again. It made up for it, just as long as she remembers us next time we make it back here.

Sure enough for the third straight night we found ourselves back at Moo and Brew getting our daily dose of burgers and fries. Somehow we managed to get the same waitress for a third straight night in a row. I almost felt bad that I didn’t remember her name until she came over to serve us. I don’t know if she was doing this as a joke to mess with us or if she took her job that seriously but she carded us again for a third time in three straight days at almost exactly the same hour as the previous two nights. How can she just forget us so easily? Was she playing a prank on us?

The entire dinner I was trying to figure it out but got nowhere. I think she genuinely didn’t recognize us. When it came to closing out the check, she placed it in front of my brother. My brother kind of chuckling and pawned the bill to me and says, “No my boyfriend’s paying tonight.” I laughed and handed her my card without looking to see how much the check was. She let out a little grin took my card, gave us both one last glance each, and walked away to pay the bill. I joked and called him an asshole thinking saying he ruined our chance with this girl which lead to us laughing about the whole situation, I mean she’s literally the first girl either of us have met down here.

After she brought us the check, right before we got up to leave she says to my brother, “Now since he took care of dinner it’s you’re turn to take care of tonight.” Then looked to me with a smile saying, “Enjoy your night tonight.” like I didn’t just hear what she said to my brother. While we were walking home I said to my brother, “I feel like she actually thinks we’re a couple?”

“I think so.” was all he said. We laughed it off the rest of the walk home. My brother is far from my type in all honesty. He’s too tall and drinks Ultras I’m not a fan of those. Neither him or I have been back there since. The waitress never recognized us, she kept carding us, and now we had no chance with her since she thinks we’re a couple. We had no incentive to go back, we found some better burgers that aren’t much further down the street, so we aren’t missing Moo and Brew too much. I am kind of missing that girl though she was beautiful. It’s assuring knowing I didn’t loose her competing with my brother. We both just lost her because she thought we were together. We’ll just have to chalk this one up as a draw.

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