Eskimo Brothers

I woke up one day with a notification from some girl I didn’t know on Instagram liking one of my pictures. I had no idea who she was so I proceed to creep on her page to try and figure out who she was. Truthfully she was pretty attractive. Just like anyone else on Instagram she only post the best photos of herself and man did she look good in them. It was just kind of weird, in a blue balling kind of way, when I saw our one mutual friend we shared … was my sister. I assumed it was someone she only knows through someone and not someone she actually was friends with. I knew most of her friends and never heard of this girl before. So I crept on her page and found the perfect picture for me to reciprocate back a like with. Later that day when I went back on Instagram I had one more liked picture and a message in my dm’s from her.

She wasted no time complimenting her way straight to my heart. She told me she loved my hair and tattoos, and I told her I loved her smile and her blues eyes too. She tried to argue that I had a better smile while I argued that she had the better hair. She flirted and I flirted back. She seemed cool, she was wicked attractive, and for some reason was attracted to me, she had all the ingredients to peak my interest and she had all of it. I had no problem giving her my number when she asked. I was going to ask but instead I said, “Maybe we can hangout sometime.”

Somehow someway my sister caught wind of it. She somehow finds out everything there’s no point in hiding something from her. She quickly swarmed in to confront me about what I was doing with that girl. She warned me that this girls was a little on the crazy side. She said and I’ll quote, “This girls makes you look sane, she thinks she looks like Giselle. She says it all the time” Before you judge her for how ridiculous it is to proclaim yourself to be looking like such an established model, I’ll defend her and admit she was truly attractive. She had the body of a model and a damn near perfect face to go with it. She looked nothing like Giselle and she was far from looking anything like Princess Fiona, she was the goldilocks, just right.

Needless to say I ignored my sisters warning and kept on chasing her. I kind of like crazy and I wanted to know how crazy she actually was. I’d love when she randomly would like another picture of mine when I wasn’t answering her texts. Or how she kept saying she was dying to see me and kiss me. She was doing and saying all the right things to keep me intrigued by her and keep me craving more. I waited for one night when my roommate wasn’t home and made plans with her to come over that night. If she was crazy I wanted to make sure I was the only one on the frontline. I couldn’t let my roommate and his girlfriend be in harms way.

It was the first time we ever saw each other face to face and she came into my apartment like she was my girlfriend that I haven’t seen in three months. She jumped into my arms and I had no choice but to catch her and hold her in the air. She didn’t leave much space between us after that whether it was her hands on my arm, or her legs on my lap, or her lips on mine, she was all over me. I was able to stare into her eyes a few times and they were amazing. They were a pure ocean blue that I got lost in. She was fun, she was hot, but I definitely wasn’t ready to be as serious as she wanted to be right off the bat.

We talked for a week or so but it was far from serious. It was some conversation here and there but if it died out I didn’t force to keep it going. I wouldn’t say I ghosted her after that night but I defiantly answered her less and less after our night together. I wasn’t feeling the same way she was feeling. She had me thinking I was her boyfriend that night. I had just met her I didn’t even know if I even wanted her as a friend yet. Even though we did have fun all night and she is kind of cool, I’d confirm she was crazy just like my sister had said.

Eventually she stopped liking my pictures and texting me entirely. It was clear she had moved on … to my older brother. The same way she liked a few of my pictures to get my attention she had done to him. He asked me about her, because now it was my sister and I he had in common with her, and I told him everything I knew about her. Just as I did, he wanted to confirm her craziness for himself and played her game. It didn’t take long until my brother came to the same conclusion I had, and the one our sister had originally warned me about, that she was indeed crazy.

Maybe one day she’ll find our younger brother on Instagram and see if he wants to play her game. Maybe she’s just wants the whole Tartarini experience. If my dad had an Instagram I’m sure she’d find her way to his page and I’m certain my dad would entertain her game for a little while. I mean you know what they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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