The Girl in the Red Dress

I’d do whatever I could to get a chance to say hi to a girl. I’d hold open doors, I’d ask if they need help with their groceries, I’d find anyway excuse to get a second to talk to them. When I first started going out to the bars I figured the best way to do that was to buy them a drink. Seldom did it pay off and they’d invite me over to sit next to them. Clubs on the other hand are a little different.

My friends and I went to a club one night in hopes of meeting some girls, which none of us were any good at it. I would get lost in the middle of the dance floor dancing by myself. Some of my fiends would go around making small talk to some girls, others would just hang by the bar arguing about sports or music. The dance floor was my spot. I could hide amongst the crowd on the dark floor and move to the beat without worrying about how bad I am at dancing. Some nights I get lucky and a girl would come dance with me and all my unrhythmic dance moves. But more often than not I’d just be dancing by myself until one of us was ready to go.

I left the dance floor to take a piss and when I was heading back to bar for another drink, breathtaking girl was walking down the hallway toward me going to the restroom. She had a tight red dress on that should all of her shoulders. She was beautiful, elegant, and had this confidence that radiated off of her. While we were walking our eyes were locked together the entire time until we passed each other. Before either us turned the corner, we both caught each other looking back at one another one more time. I thought to myself I couldn’t let this moment slip. I know we had a moment I could feel it and I had to capitalize before my opportunity is lost and someone else finds her. As creepy as it sounds, I waited by the end of the hallway outside the bathroom for her to come out, just so I could at least say hi.

The longer I was standing there waiting for her the more nervous I was getting and the more knees were shaking. “Excuse me, what’s your name?” Was the best line I could muster up when she came out. Which is horrible considering I can’t remember her name. I do remember her drink though, a vodka soda thats easy to remember. I told her to wait right here and I’ll be back with those drinks.

I hate ordering drinks at the bar it’s like WW III up there. It’s way too crowded, you have to fight through overly intoxicated belligerent guys who don’t budge just to get to the front. That is unless you’re a girl, in that case you part these guys at the bar like Moses did the Red Sea.

Anyways, I got out of that mess double fisitng two vodka mixies and almost thirty dollars in the hole. When I got back to the bathroom where I met the girl in the red dress, I felt my heart ripped out from me. She was standing exactly where I left her, just now she was sucking on another guys tongue. It crushed me. I thought there was a connection, or a moment, a reason why we couldn’t take our eyes off of each other. I had no idea she was just horny and needed someones attention. I would have skipped the drinks and went right back to the bathroom with her.

I’m grateful I wasn’t completely invested in this girl. If I had thought it was someone special, or if i was a girlfriend of mine, sucking on someones face like that, I’d probably dump both drinks the two of them. Instead I took the high road, crushed both mixies, and tore up the dance floor like it was 1999. Sadly I get to dance with anyone on the floor but I did learn a valuable lesson, don’t buy drinks for girls

When I had a girlfriend I told her at one point, “If someones offers to buy you a drink take it, we can save a ton of money.” It’s happened to me numerous of times and I’ve seen it even more. I saw one guy buy this girl and her friend a drink and when he passed them to the girls they just walked away, without even saying thank you. I’ve learned that now if I want to get a girls attention, instead of buying them a drink, I just stare at them long enough until they come over, or if they wave me to come over and sit next to them, or if their boyfriend come overs and sits next to me. It’s all I got. I’m not very good at breaking the ice with girls.

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