The Bank Teller II

After everything that happened the night I hung out with my bank teller, I found myself going to the bank less and less on Thursday’s. Sooo, I switched my bank day to Saturday’s, the only day I was able to make it there on time. That is except for those nights I went out on Friday night and drink way too much. I’d normally be crippled in my bed, in the dark, waiting for the world to stop spinning. Considering the bed I made for myself, I now have to get up and out of bed every Saturday to get to the bank before they closed no matter how bad I was hurting. It was brutal. I still went to the bank on Thursday enough to keep in touch with the other bank teller. I’m not a total douche I would have hung out with her more but I couldn’t lead her on like that, she was too good of a girl for me to hurt. It was kind of unfortunate though she was such a blast., but boy did I luck out with Saturday’s.

I’d say it’s because of those Saturday’s going to the bank that I lost a little bit of my integrity as a brother, and thought with my dick instead of my head. I tell myself that it was just good timing, almost like the stars aligned that night and it was meant to happen. It just got caught up in the moment.

It was maybe the second or third time I’ve gone to my new bank on Saturday. Not only did I resort of going to the bank on different days, but I went to a different branch entirely. I walked in there one morning and see the other bank teller the one that said she knew my brother. She was just as beautiful as the other girl but in a different way. She was cute with her tendencies and seemed to be a little more innocent then the other girl was. She somehow managed to look better than the last time I saw her, which I didn’t think was possible. Maybe it was her dress that matched with her lipstick or her lipstick matched her dress, either way it was all compliment with her dark but yet incredibly welcoming brown eyes. She looked amazing. We got to talking for awhile luckily there wasn’t a line I was holding up and could make her smile a couple times. It turns out she’s a regular at the bar directly across the street from my apartment. I joked on my way out and said, “Maybe I’ll see you there one night.” Knowing damn well I was going there that night hoping I would see her there.

I walked across the street, walked in the restaurant, and went straight to the bar for a drink. She saw me before I even started looking for her, I was at the bar ordering my usual rum and coke, and she came right over to me to say hi. and give me a hug. I’m a sucker for hugs and she gave a good one. She looked more elegant and more seductive than she did at work and even there she looked beautiful. She let butterflies loose in my stomach and I was lucky I was able to hold a conversation with her. Her beauty was so intriguing and her personality matched it. We hit it off, and I kept getting us rounds and rounds of drinks. She was persistent on buying the next round and I agreed, but had already told the bartender to put it all on my card. I never had a girl buy drinks before and I wasn’t ready to start.

We laughed and shared stories utnil I finally built up enough courage to ask her if she wanted to come over. I pointed to where my house was as if she could see it through the walls of the bar with x-ray vision or something to show her that it truly is across the street. She agreed to come over, mostly because she left her car at her friends and was too drunk to drive home. She really had no way to say no.

When we got to my place, I made us a couple drinks and we hangout in my kitchen, sitting by the island. My roommate and his girlfriend were away this weekend, (wish they were last time) so we were able to relax on the couch for awhile, but as soon as conversation died I seized the moment and asked, “Do you mind if I kiss you?” Before I knew it we were in my bed falling back into my sheets together. Your lips were locked on mine and my hands couldn’t leave your skin. She wasn’t nearly as loud as the other bank teller, which is a shame because there would have been no issue and no repercussions from the noise today.

The best part about all of this is my dad still uses that bank. I’ve moved to a different state, sadly lost touch with them, and had to find a new bank. He sees them just about every other day, knowing that I know them intimately. Based off of what he says they say, I think they’re aware that he knows too. I think it’s funny that they’re all stuck in that situation. I’m just glad they don’t think I’m an asshole, at least I hope they don’t.

PS When I come home I’m going straight to the bank to reopen my accounts.

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