Joint Tinder Accounts

My brother and I recently moved to Charlotte without knowing a single soul. We never saw our apartment until the day we got the keys. Liked it or not we were here to stay, for thirteen months. In aspirations of meeting new people, in a new city I caved, and found myself downloading Tinder. I invested some serious time on it the first few days we moved here, but once we started going out to bars, I found myself using it less and less. I found myself only checking it while I was in the bathroom.

I somehow convinced a girl to give me her number one night on Tinder. After that I essentially forgot about Tinder and enjoyed real conversation over text and phone calls. It was only few days after I started talking to this girl, she sent me a picture of my brother and I apparently from his Tinder profile. I didn’t know what to make of it. It felt weird having someone who neither of us actually knew sending me a picture of the two of us, that I haven’t seen before. I had to ask her if she matched with him, just to help me sleep at night, and she boosted my ego before I fell asleep when she said, “I’d rather hangout with you.” I fell asleep with a smile on my face for stealing one form my brother but wondering, “Is this the first girl we’ve crossed paths with?”

It started to get out of control. The other day my brother was telling me about this girl he had coming over to hangout that night. He pulled out his phone to show me her Tinder profile, and I froze up for a second. I recognized her but I couldn’t quiet put my tongue on it. Once he started swiping through her pictures it clicked, I remembered her face because I had just saw that I matched with her when I was upstairs taking a shit.

I immediately ran back upstairs to my bathroom to smoke another bowl and delete my Tinder account. I didn’t delete the app, I didn’t deactivate my account, I straight up got ride of it completely and are no longer on Tinder. It just didn’t sit well with me at night, knowing my brother and I are potentially crossing paths and are playing the same game on the same court. When I was sitting on my toilet packing another bowl it dawned on me, Why don’t we make a shared Tinder account? I mean chances are someone, eventually, is bound to like one of us. At least this way we won’t be stepping on one another toes, or become Eskimo Brothers again. We’ll leave the ball in their court and let them make a decision on who they want so we don’t have to duel it out. We’ll have a dope bio explaining how, “We’re two brothers who have just moved here to a new city and are looking to have some fun. We like drinking, drinking, and more drinking. If we match let us know which one of us you’d prefer to talk to and if it’s not me, do you have any friend’s that may want to go on a double date?”

Something short and sweet you know, just enough to break the ice. So we can say out of each others way. It sucks having things go so smoothly with a girl then being haunted by the thought of my brother messing with the same girl. I dread the day I invite someone over unaware that, while they’re to humble to admit it, have already been here, in this exact apartment, to hangout with my brother. I hope that that never happens to anyone and no one know’s that feeling. If the other day is any implication of the way things are going, we may end up like the two guys did in that movie Savages, sharing one girl as beautiful as Blake Lively, as both of our girlfriend’s. I love my brother but not enough to be apart of anything like that. I’d rather go to the bar or the mall and test my luck.

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