Falling in Love at Work

I don’t know if I love my job or if I just love the people on this current job. I’m only an electrician but I have never been on a job with this many girls before. Normally in the trades the guys tend to out number the girls significantly. Not on this job, it was fifty-fifty. It’s incredibly distracting considering how beautiful they all are. I think I’m involve with all of them. All it takes is for them to smile at me and they become my newest crush. There was three of them specifically that I felt like I had a legitimate chance with. The first day they wore these wicked tight work pants, it baffled me how they fit into their jeans. Same went for their shirts, everything they wore was skin tight, and let me tell you they fill their clothes incredibly. With the most beautiful smile’s to match.

I’m not proclaiming they’re overweight in anyway, they were just so perfectly thick, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. The three of them stole my heart within the first two days on the job. It was kind of like back when I was a kid back in high school and had a wicked big crush on my hot teacher. She may not actually be that hot, but compared to teacher’s standards for looks she was far better to stare at than that old teacher that refused to retire we and the old lady that reminds me of my mom. Something about an attractive girl in their work clothes. These girls on the other had were so hot and I think I had such a big crush on them same as I did with my teachers, because we were at work and they dressed to impress. Just like I couldn’t wait to see my teachers in the halls to say hi, I was wicked excited to go get to work to say good morning to each of these girls everyday.

I think I’m in love. These girls aren’t necessary girls I’d normally be into. My family tends to think I have a type and whatever it is they aren’t it. They’re different and maybe thats why I’m so attracted to them. There’s something about seeing these girls everyday smiling at me and working all day just as I was, was so attractive to me. I don’t believe hot girls actually work, like I’ve never seen them in public during the work day. I’m convinced they’re nocturnal. You never seen any of them out during the day or walking out and about downtown but as soon as the sun goes down and it’s Saturday night they’re everywhere.

I’m sorry I digress, I’m just such a sucker for a hard working women at work. Sometimes I catch them looking over at me smiling but more often than not they usually catch me staring at them. Giving me the same “fuck me” eyes that I’m giving them. I love those moments when they smile after we “accidentally” lock eyes walking around the corner or something. All of they’re smiles were breath taking. I live for the few moments in the day I get to talk to them. First thing in the morning I get to see them smile as I say “Good morning” and then in the middle of the day I get to say something corny like “Ahhhh lunch time my favorite part of the day.” and finally a good bye at the end of the day. Truthfully I haven’t been able to sustain any more of conversation with any of them. It crushes me I don’t know any of they’re names. I’m not even sure how much English they know either.

I took Spanish in high school and half of my high school was Hispanic you’d think I would have retained something. I wish I paid more attention or listened more intently hanging out with my friends picking up on a few things. I mean I only know how to say; tu res guapa, Que pasa, and Donde estas saggapuntas? I don’t bother them with my half ass lame attempt at their language. I don’t know it and I don’t want to come across as a douche or an asshole trying to speak Spanish without sounding like one. I really wish I knew enough to hold conversation, it’d definitely help me with my current love predicament here at work. I probably could score a date with one of them if I knew how to say what I wanted to to say.

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