The Bank Teller

I only used the local savings bank in my town growing up. They worked strict banker’s hours so I was never able to cash my checks after work during the week because Boston traffic puts a damper on all of your evening plans. Luckily they started this new thing where they’d stay open late on Thursday’s. Thus Thursday wound up becoming my banking days. Every week I’d go in their depositing all my checks and withdrawing just enough beer money to last the weekend. My bank was one of the few banks left in the state that didn’t have direct deposit. Like they say TGIT.

I lucked out with who the bank had working their Thursday’s shift. There were these two new girl tellers working around my age, that were absolutely beautiful. I got a weak spot for seeing girls hard at work. They kind of had horrible shifts if I must admit always work till close on Thursday and sometimes they get lucky enough and have to work on Saturday mornings too. Although selfishly I loved it that they worked Thursdays. I loved seeing them all dressed up and looking gorgeous. I didn’t care if it was only in there five minutes I just loved seeing them. They had me looking forward to Thursdays. It didn’t matter how much traffic I sat in coming home, just long as I made it to the bank on time to see them. Worst case scenario I could go Saturday morning and see them but there no guarantee they’d be working. Either way I was going to the bank to see them. Whenever I get to look in either of their eyes and they smile back at me makes my week. I have a weak spot for seeing girls at their work. I don’t know I just find it really attractive seeing them in their element.

My younger brother and I actually knew one of the tellers that I had a crush on. I didn’t know at first until she asked me if I knew you. So I figured I was better off focusing more so on the other girl out of respect for my brother, in case he was into her. The other girls was equally as attractive I was by no means downgrading by giving her my attention instead. She wasn’t from our town, the bank was the only place I saw her. She lived only a couple towns over all on her own. I was shocked at how well she was doing by herself. She had an apartment did her own laundry, and cooked her own meals. She’s honestly doing way better than I am. All I can cook is the add water pancakes and grilled cheeses. It’s perfect breakfast, lunch, and dinner that easy. To top it off she was was absolutely stunning, every day I saw her I swear she would set butterflies free in my stomach. I loved the days she wore her red lipstick. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a such a sucker for gal in lipstick. Wait Did I tell you she was beautiful?

She became my newest fascination and my biggest crush. I would wait in line, letting people pass in front of me, pretend to tie my shoe if I had to, so I can see her smile when her window becomes vacant and she see’s me smiling as I’m walking towards her. It was a slow slow process, but eventually I grew a set of balls and asked for her number. It was one of the best Thursday’s of my life.

I had keep little to no conversation with her over text, not because I didn’t care, I just was always trying to find ways not to be on my phone. But it was just enough so she would keep seeing my name on popping up on her phone. I wound up getting drunk after work one day rather quickly and early if I may add. I had enough liquid courage to finally ask her if she was free to come over and watch a “movie.” It wasn’t super late, it was early enough and luckily she was free enough and said she’ll be over around nine.

It was perfect, I could keep on drinking, and it was late enough my roommate and his girlfriend would be in his room and wouldn’t have to be introduced. Which allow worked out because I really like his girlfriends best friends at the time and I’m hoping I can get a date with her. That is when she’s available, she kind of had a boyfriend at the time though. So it wasn’t like I was trying to hide her, it just meant we could get right down to business.

She got here just at nine like she said she would. I made her a drink, like a gentlemen I was and lead her to my room to watch tv on a forty eight inch tv. The tv size is irrelevant, I just try to take subtle brags when I can bragging about the high life I’m living. We talked for awhile, I always love getting to know the struggle behind the smiles. We talked about our family, failed loved and things we desired to obtain one day. When conversation got dull, I put on God knows what until we were falling back into my sheets taking off each others closed. I always asked opened the door and see if they shut it or let me in. I would never force it. Luckily she opened the door for me.

In all honesty, she was the loudest girl I have ever been with. It turned me on initially, but when it proceeded to last the entire time, it quickly became more and more annoying, but she kept getting louder and louder. I know what I have going on and I know I’m not nearly man enough to be the root of all that. I started to wonder if she was just putting on a show or if this was how she actually enjoyed herself. I did everything I could I gave her a pillow, I tried to shh her and keep her quiet it but she ignored me. I even put my hand over her mouth, not in a murdery way of course but it was a more seductive way, you know like I was only trying to keep her from screaming so loud too loud. It worked for a little then she gained some confidence and wanted to go on top.

She went wild and I there wasn’t anything I could do to tame her anymore. I was somehow back into it. I was hoping that my roommate and his girlfriend were in a deep, deep, deep, sleep and couldn’t hear a thing. God I hope no one can hear a thing.

When we finished we laid there in my bed talking about life and everything under the stars. I always liked connecting with someone as opposed to being one another doll. As always I was ready to run to the bathroom for my post sex pee, grabbed my phone, and ran to the bathroom using it as my flashlight. I saw I had a text from my roommates girlfriend with like the scared emoji face that’s it. I froze in the bathroom for a moment, this was worst case scenario.

I wasn’t ready to answer her. I was hoping that she was asleep and was oblivious to hearing her. I mean how could she not, she basically woke up the whole neighborhood with the performance she had. When I got back to my room she was sadly getting ready to leave. I said she could say if she wanted to but instead on leaving, so I walked her out to her car. It saddens me because truth be told I’m sort of a cuddler, that is if I really liked you. When I got inside I couldn’t put any words together to answer my buddies girlfriend. I had to slept on it and play dumb.

I slept like a bay that night. Which is an ironic expression considering babies are notoriously known for being horrible sleepers. In the morning I refused to get out bed which sucked because was so ready to get out of bed I was so well rested but was way too scared to face my roommates girlfriend. She knows how much I like her friend, she was all I talked about, I was just having fun with my bank teller who happen to not just incredibly attractive and undeniably fun. I figure it’d be easier to reason with my roommate first before I would be confronted by her.

Fortunately she didn’t care. Like I said her friend had a boyfriend so she didn’t expect me to wait around. She was just mortified with the sounds and horrors from that night and reminds me she can’t look at me the right now periodically for days following. She still always speaks highly of me and I hope she’d do the same to her friend. Honestly just being able to get my bankers number was enough. It boosted my ego that something could start from nothing but me going to bank on Thursday’s to a story to tell and someone who I won’t ever forget.

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